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Chuck S.

It reaaly seems like they careI’ve been going to Angel’s for years. Every time I go in they listen to what I have to say, they ask questions about my problem. Never had to return for work not done wrong. Just a bunch of good guys.

June 24, 2020

Ron R.

Honest, reliable, efficient, polite, professional.

All our experiences with the staff have been excellent. The work they do is excellent and prompt. They are also honest, reliable, polite, and professional. It’s so refreshing to have an auto repair facility that you can trust. Just relax and enjoy their service.

June 24, 2020

Sue S.

Honest and thorough

We lost our mechanic over a year ago when their building was sold. Finding a trust-worthy mechanic is unheard of. Ironically, I found out about Angel’s El Toro Transmission through my bible study. group As I got to know my new group, everyone gave a bio on themselves and family. One gal, whom I instantly bonded with, mentioned that her husband had a shop (which he had since he was 19). Fast-forward….time to have car #1 checked out.

Mike is absolutely the face of honesty, integrity, and character. He exhibited the kind of customer service ANYONE would want with diagnosing/fixing your automobile. We are in COVID19 right now. And many places are suffering. Many places could “sell you a bill of goods.” NOT MIKE! Honest that there were some things that “if this was my car, I would wait!” How many auto repair places do that? Most places sell you (the consumer) things that you don’t need (because not everyone is car-savvy). Not MIke. Greeted with genuine kindness. Told him about of all the things we “suspected” might be wrong with our Mazda. And guess what? He ran through our vehicle with fine-tooth comb. And a surprise bill for “damages” that was nothing what we expected! Truly!

If you have a vehicle that needs to be repaired/checked out, head down to see Mike at Angel’s! You will not be disappointed! These days, it’s very hard to find trustworthy car mechanics. We just found a new one! Next up: Camry!

MAY 13, 2020

Micheal B.

Very professional and very honest

Very friendly and efficient always use the best parts Jobs always done In a timely manner always go above and beyond what they have to do

APRIL 2, 2020

Victor C.

My first visit to Angel’s auto repair to take care of the breaks on my BMW 328i. Great work, fair prices, experienced staff. I highly recommend this place. I’ll be back here for sure.

november 1, 2018

Hailey M.

The staff here was very friendly and helpful. Had a new transmission installed in my 2002 Toyota camery. The car is running great and they checked on it after a couple weeks of driving to see if everything was running smoothly. Will definitely use them again for future services.

august 17, 2018

Debbie Y.

This is my first time ever to post a review for any place, but I was so impressed by the service I received from Michael without having to pay a penny, I wanted to let others know. I brought my car to him for a second opinion as I wasn’t sure my first estimate was accurate. After spending time examining my car, he told me that I did need to have the work done and that the price quoted to fix it was appropriate. He said he could probably charge $100 less, but because my service garage is within walking distance to my house, he suggested I go there. If I lived closer to him, I wouldn’t hesitate to give him my business. Thank you, Michael, for your honesty and taking the time to help me yesterday.

august 3, 2018

Dwight A.

We went to a shop in Irvine to have our air-conditioning serviced. They told us that our transmission was slipping and needed to be rebuilt. They estimated a $3000 repair. We decided to bring it to a transmission specialist rather than just jumping into such a costly service.

Angels told us that our transmission didn’t need to be rebuilt or replaced, but they did tune it by adjusting a cable. The cost of the job was very reasonable. They preformed the work quickly and we had our van back the next day. Our van is running great and is moving through gears much more smoothly.

We felt confident right away the professionalism of the staff and the mechanic spent time with us explaining the work completed. They saved us a ton of money and we couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommended!

AUGUST 1, 2018

Geri B.

I highly recommend Angel’s El Toro Transmission. I recently purchased a used vehicle for my daughter who is a beginning driver. Proper function and safety is my priority. Shortly after my purchase I realized the car was not shifting properly and consulted a mechanic. I was advised I might need a new transmission. I was referred to Angels and Michael and his team provided excellent service. They diagnosed the problem and explained everything. Fortunately I did not need a new transmission! I have the car back and it drives like a dream. I feel confident that the problem was fixed and my daughter is driving a SAFE vehicle. THANK YOU Michael!!

april 28, 2018


I was recommended by USA Goodyear in Foothill Ranch. All of the employees, whether it was managers, or service technicians of U.S.A. spoke very highly of Angels. I wasn’t quite sure of the pro experience I was about to receive when they thoroughly diagnosed my vehicle, gave me an exact quote, and set up a repair date. On repair day they drove me to a local “watering hole” to wait out the repairs. 3 hours later the technician (who worked on my car) was there to pick me up. Who does that??? ANGELS DOES THAT!! Expertly managed by professionals of the trade.

april 4, 2018

Joann G.

I had unexpected major engine problems. Mike was recommended to me. He was wonderful! He was very kind and understanding. He was very thorough with his explanations of what was wrong and what needed to be done. He made sure that my truck was 100% safe before letting me drive it. His team worked very quickly to get my work truck back to me. The prices are excellent and saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you so much! I will be coming back for all my automotive needs.

march 5 2018

Andrew G.

These guys are 100% fair and honest, very knowledgeable and know what they are doing. I have taken my 98 wrangler here for a new torque converter and trans service. They had it done in a timely manner with fair cost. Recently I was in a do it yourself project and couldnt get a particular part done right b/c of lack of tools. I drove down there with my part and explained what I was in the middle of and needing assistance with. Michael and one of the mechanics both listened and acknowledged me without making me feel like I was dumb or laughing at me because I couldnt do it and came lookong for help. Nope none of that typical stuff I usually get from typical big name box store repair shops or some other repair shops I’ve been to before. They acknowledged my fair mechanic skills and understood my lack of proper tools and accepted the job and got it done in about 10 mins. I was a walk in towards the end of the day. I love this place because they treat you with respect and even dont mind sharing and teaching a little bit or even some tips and tricks instead of saying ” your not a mechanic whyd you do that? ” like ive been belittled and spoken to in a condescending way before at other places. These guys admired my candor of being ill-equipped and stumped at my problem and told me how to do it amd what was needed and handled it and had me on my way in less then 20 mins. Great service Great crew great place. Angels El Toro Transmission the best in town and south county. Thanks guys! Whew my thumbs are tired lol

march 1, 2018

Fred S.

I usually don’t write reviews, but this business really deserves some credit. We have family all over Southern California. Over the years, I’ve bounced around from shop to shop with our vehicles and never found a place I could consistently trust with proper diagnosis, fair pricing and good work done right the first time. Luck would have it, that I was at a tire shop about 6 months ago, and they told me about Angels El Toro Transmission, so I gave them a try. I have now been there with three different vehicles. One just for breaks and an oil change, the other I had the rear differential replaced and the third was a transmission. I’m telling you, if you are looking for a honest mechanic and transmission shop that does great work at fair prices…look no further. Angel’s El Toro Transmission is the by far the best I’ve been to in Southern California. There service is great too. Thanks for everything Michael!

february 26, 2018

Elizabeth H.

Honest, affordable and knowledgeable. I found Angel’s on yelp. I needed transmission work on my 06 Lexus. I didn’t know whether or not to keep the car. The Lexus dealer wanted a lot of money to fix it. Angels gave me options that fit into my budget and I am a very happy customer. They even test drove the car after I put 2 to 300 miles on it just to make sure everything was running smoothly. I highly recommend Angel’s transmission.

february 6, 2018

Maddie S.

This place is awesome! Michael was informative and honest with me. I am not knowledgeable when it comes to cars AT ALL. As much everyone says to look out for mechanic sharks.. I’m just way too honest with the fact that I know nothing. He didn’t take advantage of that fact and kept me updated the whole time he had my car.

I originally found him because the warranty I have to my car works with his shop. He was diligent with the warranty company and always had me in mind.


november 29, 2017

Bob K.

The Nissan dealer service dept. told me I’d need a new transmission for my 2000 infiniti I30 to the tune of $5000. They insisted that my “slipping trans” meant that the clutch plates were bad and nothing could be done except to replace it. A young guy I met in an auto parts store told me to take it to Angel’s. Angel’s offered a free diagnostic discovered a bad speed sensor and charged me less than $400 to replace it. 4 hours later I drove home with a perfectly shifting transmission. A big thanks to Michael and the crew at Angel’s.The Nissan dealer service dept. told me I’d need a new transmission for my 2000 infiniti I30 to the tune of $5000. They insisted that my “slipping trans” meant that the clutch plates were bad and nothing could be done except to replace it. A young guy I met in an auto parts store told me to take it to Angel’s. Angel’s offered a free diagnostic discovered a bad speed sensor and charged me less than $400 to replace it. 4 hours later I drove home with a perfectly shifting transmission. A big thanks to Michael and the crew at Angel’s.

november 9, 2017

M. W

If you need transmission, engine work or a major repair done come here. What I like about them they get you right in. Michael the owner is a fair and honest man. Let me tell you my older car had some major issues and they fixed it perfect. The prices here for any major service are right on. No ripping off the Customer here. I would recommend anyone to come here for any major work.

september 9, 2017

Paul S.

Angel’s is not just for transmissions – they do just about any auto repair!

I started using Angel’s when my 2007 Infiniti M35 started making a growling noise when driving. I took it to an Infiniti dealer and they diagnosed the problem as a faulty air conditioner compressor which they were happy to replace for nearly $2000. Since the noise seemed to me to be related to the speed of the car and not the engine RPM I was skeptical. I took it to Angel’s for Mike’s mechanics to take a look at it and within 10 minutes Mike told me that they believed the noise was caused by worn front wheel bearings. They charged me much less than half what the Infiniti dealer would have charged for a repair that wouldn’t have solved the problem. The car is so quiet now and runs and rides like new. This is a very honest shop that has earned my trust and I now take all of my autos there for everything.

august 7, 2017